Ban Balap Kingland resmi diluncurkan

King Tire Indonesia Kenalkan Ban Khusus untuk Drag Race dan Balap Mini GP

Kingland Axcero CTX 001 Jadi Incaran Motor Balap MiniGP

Mantap! Kingland Kuasai 60 Persen Market Share Ban Dalam di Jawa Barat

Kingland Tire Rilis 2 Ban Terbarunya di Hari Ulang Tahun Jakarta

Kingland Reborn, Dua Ban Balap Baru Kingland Axcero dan King Vellox Siap Dirilis

Simak! Inilah Ban Racing Keluaran Terbaru dari KingLand untuk Produk MiniGP dan Drag Bike

Di Jakarta Fair 2019, KingLand Perkenalkan Ban Racing


Yuk Diserbu, Beli Satu Set Ban Motor Kingland Hanya Rp 150 Ribu


Lewat Axcero CTX 01, Kingland Hadirkan Ban MiniGP Ring 12

Axcero CTX 001, Ban Lokal Pertama Untuk Mini GP

Dari Ban Dalam, KingLand Akan Rambah Dunia Balap

Perdana Turun Di Ajang Balap, Kingland Duet Bersama Bonanza 253




Kingland is one of the first manufacturing brand in Indonesia since 1977 which located in Tangerang, Banten, West Java of Indonesia.

When location and machines cannot match our ambition, Kingland started to build a new factory from the ground up on 2006 over 300,000 square meter soil in Serang, Banten. 2 years after it was built, Kingland started its operation for the first time with an entirely newly bought production machines for a higher commitment.

In 2013, Kingland designed a Pneumatic Motorcycle Tire with Radial Tire technology. Crafted with a combination of advance ingenuity and revolutioner formula to its compound. Resulting to a high Heat-resistance that reduces the friction, with a guarantee that the tire will not hold the speeding engine without compromising the quality of its super natural grip.

Today Kingland motorcycle tire is proven to reduce fuel consumption through its mileage for everyday ride and been tested as a low maintenance and formidable tire.


KingLand TireFuel Saver & Comfort


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